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Not everyone who starts with a new driving school is a new beginner learner driver, however if you take a look it over at driving school websites all they tend to offer are driving lessons for new learners and that is not what you want. It is likely you have been recently taking driving lessons with a different driving school and you have made the change by leaving that driving instructor and seeking another because you were not entirely happy with your progress. Therefore starting all over with beginner driving lessons is not going to be an ideal situation for you.

Whether or not you have been learning to drive recently, with parents, with friends or with another driving school you will have developed driving skills that we will use to form the basis of your learning so that you can pass your driving test.
The whole concept of part trained driving lessons is so that people like you can pass the driving test and get your driving licence while saving time and money because you do not have to start all over again.

When you phone us today, please be sure to speak about your driving experience, even if it’ll only be for a few hours this will help us to prepare for your first lesson. On your first lesson this would be your opportunity to demonstrate your skills we want you to feel comfortable and relax knowing that you are under no pressure. As well as guiding you we will also be checking your ability to drive and creating you a development program which will chart your progress, helping you to plan for your driving test.

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