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You want to pass your driving test and you are thinking about taking automatic driving lessons in Birmingham. Its a great choice for you to make because passing is so much easier.
Learning to drive in an automatic saves your lots of time and plenty of money, it can easily save you £200. Oh and you make less mistakes in an automatic car…you will love it
Congratulations on making the decision to pass your driving test and get an automatic driving licence it really is the future of driving as more and more cars are automatics.

Over the last twenty years driving technology and the cars we buy have massively changed, with the mass development of hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe it means more and more people are driving automatics.

With government incentives both on the cost of a car and road tax it is starting to make so much sense to drive an automatic car and as its going to be the future what is the point of learning in a manual car.

For years countries like the Unites Stated Of America have wondered why we have been so reliant on manual cars, but we don’t have their vast road system and fuel is a lot cheaper in America. It wasn’t so long ago that driving an automatic would use more petrol or diesel so they never really appealed to the UK market, however that is now changing. The electric and hybrid cars are of course far more economical and therefore that has helped stimulate the switch.
Of course when it comes to driving an automatic they are so easy. You have two pedals, an accelerator and a brake. You can use one for each foot, but most people just drive with using one foot, the 2 footed approach is more for off road racing. But if you are in a manual car you need 3 pedals, the third pedal being the clutch which needs to be pressed in while changing gear. Yes it is kind of complicated especially when you are a beginner, now imagine that starting off on a hill and holding onto the handbrake.

With automatic cars you don’t stall, once the car is in “drive” then the car will always want to pull forward. You can either hold that back with the break or increase the speed with the accelerator. It is as simple as that.

Driving in main city like Birmingham has its fair share of traffic ,which can be a nightmare at some times. Using a manual car is not really ideal, there you are changing gear every 5 seconds or so. Is that what you really want? With the automatic you just control the car with the brake. You need to stop and wait then put your foot on the brake, yo need to crawl forward then release the brake slightly.

It is perhaps fair and reasonable to say that learning to drive in an automatic will probably save you around 10 hours of lesson time with a driving instructor and that could be anywhere from £200 to £300.

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So if you want to pass your driving test then an automatic is a great choice for you.
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