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What We Do


From this one you are going to learn great driving habits that will help you pass your driving test and stay with you for a life time.

Part Trained

Some time ago you started to learn how to drive, stopped, and now you want to continue. Part trained lesson are for you.

Confidence Building

We have a very special course to help people who do not feel comfortable when driving. We will help you take control.

Driving Test Rescue

If you are failing your driving test then it is unlikely to be your fault, its probably due to you not being shown what is expected.


These cars are so easy for passing the driving test its unreal. No clutch, no gears, less stress  and no stalling.

Driving Instructor Training

Don’t just train to be a driving instructor, you need more than that, you need to know how to run a driving school business.


What People Are Saying

Passed today in Shirley with 0 faults thanks to Instructor Faisal and MNM driving school would really recommend this school to anyone regardless of where you are the teaching style is structured and amazing and I was even provided with hundreds of free videos to help with every scenario.


Hi Amar is a very good driving instructor, Very professional and responsible. never late for every class. My happiness day of myself got my driving license passed after supporting by MNM Automatic Driving School . I would also like to thanks the manager Faisal ,he recommended amazing instructor Amar to me. helped me with this journey…Thank you so much.

Helen S

I have passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors thanks to Faisal. He is an amazing instructor, his feedback was always fair and just. I cannot imagine learning to drive with someone else. I highly recommend MNM driving school


Our Triple Guarantee?

The first driving school in Birmingham to offer a triple Guarantee which makes sure you get the best value for money on your driving lessons.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

Hello and welcome to your journey of getting your driving licence and passing your driving test, never before has a driving school in Birmingham been able to make such an outstanding offer to you.

There are stacks of driving schools in Birmingham and the surrounding areas to choose from but who do you choose and why? Well our triple guarantee is the big deciding point for you, now you can see you are going to get great quality driving lessons, you really can pass first time and we want to keep you safe on the roads.

Lets show you what we have got in store for you?


The Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee is simple and open to all learners. You know the choice of driving schools to pick from is huge but how do you know if you are going to like the driving lesson or the driving instructor, you simply don’t know until you have taken a lesson. If you discover to find you have made the mistake of booking in 5 or 10 hours upfront and you find out you really don’t like your driving lesson, you are stuck!

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Our money back guarantee enables you to say, can I have my money back for the lesson please? We know we are a top quality driving school but our actions mean a lot more than just saying that  we’re great? Now you can try us out and if you don’t like your lesson ask for the money back.


Be careful of Special Deals

Be careful of Special Deals. Many driving schools will tempt you into a special deal but you have got to be really wary, and if they are a good driving school why do they need a special deal? This is what you need to look out for. 5 hours for £50 or 10 lessons for £100 looks really cheap doesn’t it, perhaps you could do 2 or 3 of these deals? Think again! You will find they are for beginners only and if you can already drive a little do you really want to waste £100 on beginner lessons? Didn’t think so!

Also some of these hours are often held back from you, so after spending £50 or £100 after just a few lessons you have to put your hand in your pocket again for new driving lessons, because some of the special offer lessons have been held back for when you are close to the driving test. Is that what you want? Not good is it.


Pass Promise

We want you to have the confidence of passing first time, so we are going to make you a promise, if you work to our guidelines and you fail the driving test then we will cover the cost of your next driving test. Our guidelines include you passing your theory test within the first 6 weeks of starting lessons with us; take 2 hours of tuition every week; to take a mock test and pass it; to be an independent driver; to book your driving test with our school in accordance to the diary of your driving instructor.

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We want you to do 2 hours a week because we know you will save money, its the same for skipping lessons, if you skip a week here or there you very quickly forget what you learned and that costs you. Yes we want you to pass first time but we also want you saving money by needing fewer driving lessons. You are happy and it builds our reputation for giving a great service.

Most learner drivers want to find a driving instructor who is helpful, friendly and will assist you to pass your driving test without needing too many driving lessons, we think out Pass Promise helps you do that. Just stick to your end of the deal and we will stick to ours.

One of the biggest reasons if not the biggest reason for failing the driving test is going into the test not prepared and you have done that because you are not happy. Your expectations are to pass now, perhaps you are running out of the cash and the pressure is piling on you. That’s not where you want to be so let us help you structure your driving lessons, see yourself developing your driving skills and use our Pass Promise to your advantage.

In terms of paying the extra test and extra lessons, if you start to score major faults on your test then its going to easily cost you another £300 or more to get things right so you can pass. You will never ever pass your driving test by chance, the driving examiners are too good for that, what you need to do is show the examiner you are safe, in control, obeying the laws and aware of your surroundings. That’s the way you will pass.

To help you pass first time the Pass Promise is dedicated to your driving ability, you have to do a minimum of 40 hours training with us in order to qualify, but that is almost 20% lower than the national average! We don’t want you to be average and we want to include you in our collection of first time pass safe drivers.

Before you go into your driving test you will know you are fully ready because you will be independent in your driving and you will have passed a mock test to prove that. On your test date it will be the examiner next to you, but it could be anyone, it doesn’t matter because you have the skills to drive worthy of a full driving licence.


Independent Driving

Independent Driving. Most schools see this as is indicated in the driving test, you will pull over and be asked to follow a series of signs. We go further than that, we believe real driving is when you have friends in the car because that is what is going to happen when you have your own car isn’t it. So when you are close to taking your driving test we invite you to bring along two friends to sit in the back of the car. (Currently due to Covid we not allowed anyone else in car due to risk)

The car will feel heavier when you are driving, the braking will be different as is the acceleration. But also there is internal distraction, your friends will be talking with your instructor and when you can you will chat to them aswell. On top of that you have the new visibility issue to contend with, you have 2 heads in the back of the car so that’s going to change things when you are checking your rear view mirror.


The 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

The 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty is an extension of inviting your friends on the lesson prior to you passing, but these are refresher lessons.

There are a few reasons why you may want to use the warranty so lets have a look at what you get and what you can use it for. Once you have passed your driving test you are on a probationary period of 2 years, if in that time you rack up 6 points on your driving licence you have to Re-take the driving test. That’s why our warranty is also 2 years. You may take 3 hours in the first year and 3 hours in the second year at no cost to you.

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The driving lessons are conducted in your car which you fuel and has to be road legal. We’ll just arrange a time, date and location to suit us both.

So when would you use the warranty? When you get your first car! It’s probably going to be different and older to what you have been used to driving on your driving lessons and therefore you may want your driving instructor next to you as you gets to grips with it.

Maybe you after passing your driving test as well as having a new car for yourself you may not have driven for 2 or 3 months. Not everyone gets a car straight away, therefore you may feel a little rusty, this is a good time to have a refresher lesson.

As pointed out right at the very beginning of the driving lessons warranty, you are on probation for 2 years so if you find yourself picking up some points then get in touch.


How To Pass Your Driving Test

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time
Everyday at MNM we are asked this very question, so here is our best advice for you.

1. Pass the theory test as soon as you can, its more than just a test it actually helps you learn to drive so you can take these skills into your driving.

2. Use the progress report your driving instructor will give you. Mark off your progress and only go into your driving test when you are fully independent. 

3. Have a mock test. Be put under test conditions and get used to it ? You will have the skills already to drive by yourself now lets get your confidence to where it needs to be.

How To Save Money On Driving Lessons

How To Save Money On Driving Lessons
We help you with this in the Pass Promise by encouraging you to take regular driving lessons, but we also want to say this. If you can’t afford to take driving lessons then do yourself a huge favour and save up. If you are going to be taking lessons here and there due to finance reasons then it’s going to cost you more money to learn as you will need more lessons. We are not gaining anything by telling you to save up, we’re just trying to help.

Once you have the money or you know you have the money each week then take at least 2 hours a week, anything less is a waste of time and on your next lesson you will have forgot loads. Ideally take one lesson a day but not everyone can do that, so try a lesson every 3 or 4 days,or at the very minimum a lesson every week.

The truth is the longer the time in between your driving lessons the more you are going to forget.

How To Book

Its easy to book your driving lessons with us, you can use online booking or just be a bit old fashioned for once and pick up the phone 

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