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Passing your driving test ought to be really easy, after all you have been paying professional to teach you to drive, so why are so many learner drivers failing their driving test? We looked into the reasons why learners are not doing enough to impress the driving examiner and to uncover why almost 6/10 will fail.

At MNM Driving School we are going to give you every chance of passing first time and here is how we do it.

Here are the top reasons why people fail.

1. They are not prepared.
2. The pupil has not been given the full syllabus
3. Practicing test routes no longer works
4. The driving instructor is scared to say the pupil is not ready


1. On your first lesson you are taught the basics which will stay with you though all of your lessons, your driving test and for the rest of your life.

2. You are taught to understand the expectations of the driving examiner and this is a lot more than just driving safely. You have to be in control of the car at all times. You need to be aware of your surroundings. You must obey the laws of the road. And you have to apply all of this at all times.

3. You learn point 2 in your first lesson and then as you learn each new skill you apply the same formula.

4. Before you go into your driving test you have completed a progress report card and you are classified as being an independent driver in all categories.

5. Before you go into your driving test your previous lessons would have been a nice drive where your driving instructor wasn’t needed because you were totally prepared and did not require assistance.

It is only when you meet the demands of these five points will you pass your driving test first time. And if you have not completed stage 4 or 5 then you will not pass the driving test as you will just not be ready.

DID YOU KNOW that failing the driving test will cost you around �200 a time, that is to include the cost of a new test, hire of the car on the day and extra lessons. It is not a route you want to go down.

How To Save Money�is a question we are asked every day when it comes to getting your driving licence, and this is what we recommend.

1. Pass your theory test early will cut down the number of driving lessons you will need. There are things you will learn on your theory which can be applied to your driving such as road signs, road positioning and hazard perception. If you can do this without the aid of your driving instructor you will save a lot of time.

2. Skipping lessons hurts you right in the pocket. The longer the time in between lessons the more you forget, and the shorter the time in between lessons the more you remember and the quicker you learn.

3. If money is an issue and you think you will have to do driving lessons as and when you have the cash our recommendation is for you not to. You far better off economically speaking by saving your money up until you can afford regular lessons, in the long run it will mean you need fewer.

4. Try and take a minimum of 2 hours a week but if you can do more then do it. 4 or 6 hours a week will quickly develop your skills and you will need fewer hours of professional tuition to pass your diving test.

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While there are many driving school in the area, we give you sound advice and a triple guarantee to make sure your lessons count. We are more than just a driving school, we are n education centre giving you value for money with the aim of helping you pass your driving test.

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