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Feeling nervous about driving effects lots of people in lots of different ways. While some people feel nervous and anxious maybe with the symptoms of having butterflies in the stomach, maybe the heart races a little faster than normal, other people can be affected forward with symptoms such as hot sweats and panic attacks.

You may be surprised to learn with feeling nervous about driving is a common phenomenon it is just that most people don’t like to talk about it. However thousands of people have really good reasons to feel anxious when it comes to driving and what we need to do to help you feel, comfortable relaxed and in control so you can get on with your life.

Overcoming the tensions that you have been suffering from starts with your very first phone call, your call is confidential and we are here to listen so we can understand a little more about your problem. On your first driving lesson we will use the information that you are presented to us in your phone call so that we can provide you with the best driving lesson to suit your needs.

Our driving tuition car is fitted with dual controls and with our experience and expertise we will be able to keep you safe at all times.

Your learning program will centre around how comfortable you feel, tackling the easier issues at first and building up your confidence as you go. You will soon feel in control and will start to relax where you get to a point where you can take on bigger challenges.

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