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Driving Lessons Kings Heath

Passing your driving test is a dream, you cant wait to be driving your own car. Going away at weekends, finding a better job, seeing friends and family and being able to have an extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning because you do not need to catch the bus.

Before you pass your driving test you need to find a driving school and let us be frank, it is difficult, driving schools all look the same but you are aware not all driving schools deliver the same results. The last thing you want is a driving school who wants you to take lessons after lessons, boring lessons getting you no where apart from creating a hole in your pocket. What you are seeking is a driving school who shares the same aim as you, to pass get you ready to pass your driving test.

Ideally you would not need driving lessons and have to spend all of that cash, but you have got to learn and to drive to a standard that enables you to be good enough to have a driving licence. With our TRIPLE GUARANTEE we help you do just that.

We are offering you a PASS PROMISE and this is exactly what you want. Not only does the pass promise give you the confidence to join our driving school you can see how you are going to pass your driving test.
We have vast experience and have put together a driving syllabus which is linked directly to the pass promise. When you join MNM Driving School we will ask you to pass your theory test quickly by doing so this will speed up your learning and will cut the number of driving lessons needed. After you have passed your theory test its on to your practical test and the real reason why you are here. Lets book your practical test and structure your driving lessons so you have all the skills to impress the driving examiner.
To pass your driving test first time you need a plan, and that plan has to take into account what the examiner is looking for.

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if you want to pass your driving test then an automatic is a great choice for you
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