Q. How can I book a driving test quickly, I am ready but no tests available?

We understand its difficult to find a driving test. At MNM we have our own business booking and help our students find a cancellation or swap students when they are ready to take the exam. If you are an exteranl student then we change an admin fee for booking a test for you but it can take upto a week to find a short notice test. 

You can also book yourself on DVSA website and keep checking for cancellations yourself and ask your friends and family to help. Once booked you have 15minutes to confirm so make sure you call your instructor before final confirmation. 

Q. Is your driving school following Covid-19 guidelines

Covid-19 safety guidelines:

1. A mask or face covering must be worn whilst in the vehicle preferably medical mask by student and instructor. 
2. Student recommended to wash hands and face with soap before and after lessons or use hand gels/wipes. 
3. Wearing open-toed footwear should be avoided.
4. The car is suitably ventilated with fresh air during the course by opening windows (recycled air conditioning should be avoided)
5. The vehicle is sanitised between lessons with aerosol anti-viral spray and touch points are also wiped with anti-bacterial. 
6. We will try to avoid long stops for discussion inside the car and may discuss outside the car certain learning points.
7. All students supplied with e-learning of lessons before training with video demonstrations.  
8. Students displaying flu symptoms to cantact instructor by 9am by calling there mobile and they will not be charged of short notice cancellation. They will need to show negative result of Covid Test to continue lessons within 14 days. 


Q. Has there been any changes to the Driving Test?

We post regularly on our Instagram.
Driving Tests will be starting on 22nd April based on Corona Virus Data.
To pass the driving test you are still allowed upto 15 driver faults but no serious or dangerous faults. The time spent moving has been reduced to only 30minutes and you will be asked to complete 1 reverse 
manoeuvre and answer one tell me question at beginning and 1 show me question on the move. You may also be asked to perform a controlled Emergency stop.

We offering mock test service from 12th  April . This will increase your understanding of test process and increase chance of passing first time to avoid waiting several months for another test. You can book mock test online now or by calling 07830112698


Q. What is a Mock Driving Test DVSA recommending

Driving Tests are assessed in 5 levels.
Level 1 – No Fault = No risk
Level 2 – Not Worthy of recording = Insignificant risk
Level 3 – Driving Fault = Sufficient Risk 
Level 4 – Serious Fault = Significant Risk
level 5 – Dangerous Fault = Actual Risk 

You are allowed upto 15 level 3 faults but nothing in level 4 and 5.

The test will finish as soon as you make 1 serious fault and examiner will guide you back to the centre during Covid-19 SOP.
Maximum time on road reduced to 30minutes and 1 reverse manoeuvre.  ( Parallel Park, Reverse Bay Park, Forward Bay Bay and reverse out)

Try our mock test service starting from 12th April using link

We have various mock test pickup points –
City Centre – The Cube or Mail Box
Edgbaston- Mc Donald’s 
KingsHeath – Starbucks Maypole roundabout
South Yardley – KFC A45 / Tesco Swan Centre
Sutton – Wyndley leisure centre

We will supply a video of full mock driving test which students must watch before our mock test service. You can bring own micro-SD card to take recording of Mock test to analyse at home. 

Reports will be discussed in detail approx 15 minutes with complimentary hot/cold drink to end with Goals for future training with your instructor. 

We recommend passing 2 mock tests before the real test. Saving you £100’s in time and retests.
Approximate waiting time has increased to several months and this is reason we offering this new service. 

Benefits of mock test

Inexperienced drivers better prepared for driving independently
Highlight weaknesses so further training and development can be focused
Confirm understanding of testing process
Mentally better prepared
Lead to better first time pass rates
Positive effect on waiting times currently several months.

Price of mock Test £50 book online or by calling 07830112698
Price of Real test £62.50 book online (DVSA Gov website)
Need Test at short Notice book online (Non-Gov Cancellation finder)


Q. Can I do private practice in family or friends

DVSA recommend at least 20hr of private practice along side 40hr of professional lessons to give you skills needed to drive independently. Some people may need more. You can practice with family in your support bubble. When lock rules end completely then you can practice in friends as long as the main driver has driving licence for over 3 years.   Collingwood offer Discounted deals using our code 284069 from £1.50 a day on any car put £20,000 value. Book online 

Q. I feel very nervous on Lessons and done multiple driving Driving tests

Don’t worry is normal to feel nerves before an important event. We have some resources and tips to help you.
1. Take plenty of practice and pass a mock test so you are prepared for driving test
2. If you feel nervous for driving lessons and fear you will crash. Then don’t worry you are learning with a professional instructor with dual brakes. They will grab steering or brake for you to avoid danger if needed and explain afterwards why they did it. The risks will be shared throughout lessons and you will have an agreement with the instructor on how much risk is being shared. This way you will know all the time what your responsibilities are. We always expect you to drive carefully and repsonsibly at all times. 
3. If you still feel stressed or lack confidence you can follow tips by trained professionals on YouTube/instagram like Amy Cuddy (Confidence) or Andrew Huberman ( Standford University lecturer on neuroscientist)
4. Andrew recommends going for walk/cycling can reduce stress so feel free to take a short walk 5-10 minutes before lessons or driving test. He also recommends going out during natural sunrise. 
5. Stay hydrated – dehydration increases mistakes upto 50% based on research from Lancaster University
6. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. (We recommend footwear with light soles with grip) 
7. Have your documents ready few days before like licence/theory certificate/payment to your instructor
8. Have a good sleep before test day. Can’t sleep properly night before is normal. We have noticed foods like Banana’s and hot chocolate help with sleep. We don’t recommend taking any drugs unless prescribed by your doctor. Inform your instructor of any medications you take which can effect reaction times so they can adapt training to your best performance times.
9. If you still feel nerves or anxiety there is a special online program. Nerves buster by well known instructor Dianne Hall use link ( Author – L of a way to pass). She specialist in Thought field therapy and now you can copy her techniques at home with her online tutorials. 
10. Remember age is not a barrier to driving its fitness to drive – Keep yourself fit and healthy following NHS guidance. 


Do you do Pass Plus or Refresher Courses?

We are registered by DVSA for giving advance lessons on urban, rural, motorway, night time, Dual carriageways and various weather conditions to enhance your driving. This course has no test at the end however you need to achieve the goals or exceed. Benefits to you can be discounted insurance and more confidence to drive own car.
If you have your own car and haven’t driven for long time then we can coach you on confidence building to drive independently in busy City like Birmingham. We can cover ring roads, the A38 tunnels, Aston Expressway and Spaghetti junction. Refresher lessons come with route planning and Sat Nav mastery. Book online or call 07830112698 

Do you train elderly drivers?
Yes certainly, we received specialist training to train elderly drivers as research now proves the importance of staying independent with licence leads to a longer life span and its all about fitness to drive. The rate on accidents does increase substantially after 75yrs, however with regular training this can be prevented.
If you know anyone losing confidence in driving try this link and book a refresher lesson with one our training professionals on Price of mock Test £50 book online or by calling 07830112698
Do you give Free Theory training in Birmingham

Yes certainly, we offer free e-learning to everyone who links with us on social media all you have to do is share our amazing products and services with your network of friends and collegues. 

FREE Online Theory Tests

How much does a driving test cost?

A driving test is £62.50 and will last approximate 30minutes during Covid
Book Driving or Theory test
Driving test do not come with a car and you must take own road worthy car or hire from a driving school.
We charge £90 which includes a pick and drop service and 1hr training before the test. To hire car from us you must pass a mock test first. Book mock test/ hire car for driving test

How many lessons does it take to pass a Driving Test?

It will vary from student to student and there is no set amount of hours like other countries. DVSA recommend approx 40hr professioanal lessons and 25hr of private practice. 

If your a fast learner you can achieve in less time. 
Private practice Collingwood Learner Insurance 

All of our training includes complementary e-learning which will cover all the knowledge and skills you need to reach test standard. There is no guarentee you will cover every scenario on your practical lessons, however with good knowledge of highway code and driving the essential skills you will have a good chance of becoming a safe driver for life. 

After you pass the test you can do 6 extra lessons or more and complete pass plus course to give you some extra skills like motorways and night driving. There is no test at the end of the course you must achieve or exceed competencies. 


Can I take my own car on driving test?

Yes you can take own car as long as its safe and road worthy.
You must take extra mirror and place L-Plates on front and back.
Your vehicle must be insured and you will need to take an accompanying driver who has a licence for more than 3 years. Collingwood Learner Insurance 

Most students go with there instructors.

What happens during a Driving Test?

There are 5 parts to the driving test:

  • an eyesight check
  • ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  • general driving ability
  • reversing your vehicle
  • independent driving

The test is the same for both manual and automatic cars.

How long the Driving Test lasts?

You’ll drive for around 40 minutes.

You’ll drive for around 70 minutes if you’re taking an extended driving test because you’ve been banned from driving

Eyesight check

You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of:

  • 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate
  • 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate

New-style number plates start with 2 letters followed by 2 numbers, such as AB51 ABC.

You’ll fail your driving test if you fail the eyesight check. The test will end.

Show me, tell me’ questions (Vehicle Safety Checks)

You’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

You’ll be asked the:

  • ‘tell me’ question at the start of your test, before you start driving
  • ‘show me’ question while you’re driving


Your general driving ability

You’ll drive in various road and traffic conditions, but not on motorways.

The examiner will give you directions that you should follow. Driving test routes are not published, so you cannot check them before your test.

Pulling over at the side of the road

You’ll be asked to pull over and pull away during your test, including:

  • normal stops at the side of the road
  • pulling out from behind a parked vehicle
  • a hill start

You might also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.


Reversing your vehicle

The examiner will ask you to do one of the following exercises:

  • parallel park at the side of the road
  • park in a parking bay – either by driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out (the examiner will tell you which you have to do)
  • pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for around 2 car lengths, and rejoin the traffic
Independent driving

You’ll have to drive for about 20 minutes by following either:

  • directions from a sat nav
  • traffic signs

The examiner will tell you which you have to follow.

They’ll set the sat nav up for you. You cannot use your own sat nav.

If you cannot see traffic signs

If you cannot see a traffic sign (for example, because it’s covered by trees), the examiner will give you directions until you can see the next one.

Going off the route

The examiner will not give you a fault for taking a wrong turning.

They’ll help you get back on the route if you do.

If you make mistakes during your test

You can carry on if you make a mistake. It might not affect your test result if it’s not serious.

Your driving examiner will only stop your test if they think your driving is a danger to other road users.

Other people at your test

Your driving examiner’s supervisor might sit in on your test to watch your examiner’s performance. If you refuse, your test can be cancelled and you’ll have to book another test and pay again.

Your driving examiner will ask if you want someone to:

  • sit in the back of the car during the test
  • be with you for the result and feedback

This will usually be your driving instructor, but you can take a relative or friend. They cannot take any part in the test.

They must: