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Failing your driving test is horrible and failing your driving test repeatedly is a real confidence killer because you start to feel if you really think it’s really for you. And of course driving is for you… At the moment you are just lacking the correct preparation and confidence to go and pass your driving test.

The last driver instructor said they will give you a go, or to give you a chance. But you have been paying good money, you want more than a chance, in fact you want to go into your driving test knowing you have every opportunity of passing and coming out with your driving licence. The exam is not a fool, they are highly trained government officials making sure you have the skills and expertise to be safe to yourself and other road users.

People taking a chance on their driving test don’t pass. Learner drivers who can drive without the intervention of their driving instructor do pass the test. This means you have to be fully independent, therefore not needing any form of assistance when driving. The reason why you have been failing time and time again is because you have not been trained fully and been put in a test situation when you have not been ready.

You cannot expect a baby to walk when they have only just started to learn how to stand. You are not being given a chance, you are just taking a test, wasting money and letting the driving instructor say “you need a lot more lessons”

When you call into our office please speak to us about your experiences of driving, we will then use that as a basis for your first lesson and on that first lesson, show us what you can do. From there we will show you where you are independent and good to go, and where you need help. We will then work on those areas which need development.

Before you go into your next driving test you will be driving without our assistance and knowing you have what it takes to show the examiner you are good enough for your driving licence.

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