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Money Back Guarantee, Pass Promise, 2 Yr Driving Lessons Warranty


Your time has come to find a driving school to help you pass your driving test but there are some serious questions in your mind right now. Apart from wanting to pass first time, have really good driving lessons and to get super value for money, you are also really cautious about driving schools who don’t deliver what you need. And because it is so tricky to tell the difference between a good and bad driving school you are left with a gamble.

At MNM Driving School we take away all the risks that there are when choosing a driving school. In fact we shift your risk onto us. We want you to have the best driving lessons and the best experience possible so we are giving you a TRIPLE GUARANTEE and it is everything you need to get on the road and get your full driving licence.

The first part of the guarantee is the money back guarantee. If you by food at a restaurant and its not good you can take it back, the same goes for a pair of trainers and most things you buy from a shop. But no one does that with driving lessons…well we do. If you are not 100% happy with your lesson we will hand you your cash back for the lesson. We can only do this because our lessons are bursting with everything you need. You will learn new skills you get closer to passing your driving test and you feel good about learning. That is exactly what you want from your driving lessons.

However if that was not enough for you we are also including our Pass Promise. We have designed a special syllabus to pass the driving test and if you stick to it and some how not pass your first driving test we will cover the cost of your next driving test. Now you might be thinking there has got to be a catch where we demand you take a million lessons…Actually no. You will need to take 40 hours of tuition with us, but that is almost 20% less than the national average. The national average is 47 hours of tuition. So use our learning to drive program and not only do we give you a pass promise but also you take fewer lessons.

You might be thinking “if they are this good there has got to be a waiting list” and you are right, you will need to phone now, but before you do let us complete the triple guarantee by telling you about our 2 year driving lesson warranty and why you need it.

After you have passed your driving test your new car will be different to ours, so how about we join you on the first time you drive your car. And some drivers dont start diving straight away do feel a little rusty, let us come on a refresher lesson with you. Its apart of your warranty and you get free refresher lessons for 2 years. When you phone us ask us for more details.

We take learning to drive very seriously. Yes you will have a good time but we will make sure you have the safe driving skills you need and to go and pass your driving test first time.

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