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Automatic Driving lessons in West Bromwich

You won’t believe how close you are to actually passing your driving test and going around in your own car. Right now you are thinking about taking driving lessons in fact you have probably been itching to drive for some time and MNM Automatic Driving School have everything you need to help you get your driving licence.
We cover West Bromwich and surrounding areas like Walsall, Handsworth, Hockley, Winson Green and Ladywood.

You will be given a progress report card, which is a syllabus for helping you to learn to drive, but rather than go through an order we take topics which you are ready for. There is no point starting a tough topic and struggling when you can do something easier and succeed more quickly, you will get more out of your lessons this way. At Masters in Motoring we always put you learning first, thats why we are so successful in helping learners pass first time.

On your first lesson we will take you to a quiet place, and this is regardless of your previous driving experience because we want to help you feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to get the best out of your lesson. At the end of the driving lesson we will give you an updated copy of your progress report and here you will be able to see the level you are at and what you need to achieve. The report helps you to focus on what is important, making sure you are ready for your driving test.

If you have not already passed your theory test by the time you join Masters in Motoring then we will help you to pass it as soon as possible. Yes it is a legal obligation but it will also help you with your driving lessons. You will learn things on your theory test that you can bring into your driving lessons and this will help you cut down on tuition time, again yet another method to help you reduce the cost of learning.

For example three things that your driving instructor will be helping you to learn are road positioning, road signs and hazard perception. But you can cover and understand all of this from just passing your theory test.

Once you have passed your theory test we want to look into booking your driving test. Yuu may think this is very quick to do, but have a think about this. Let’s assume you have completed 15 hours of tuition by the time you get your theory test out of the way and lets assume the next driving test is 10 weeks away. The national average number of lesson to pass the driving test is 47, so if you did just 3 hours a week after your theory that will take you to the usual number of hours needed.

Today you are here because you want to pass your driving test, so it makes sense for you to phone us right now.

Before you go into your driving test you will want to know how to pass first time, we are going to explain how now. Your driving test is an examination of how you can cope as a driver while driving in your own, totally unassisted. So wouldn’t it be right for you to be at this level before you go into your driving test, not only would you know for sure you have the skills needed to pass your driving test but you will also now have the confidence.

This is the standard you will be driving at before you meet your driving examiner. In your previous lessons you will recognise that the driving instructor is no longer needed, we are not helping you and you have your progress report card showing you have completed everything.

Statistically only four out of 10 people pass their driving test first time, its a really poor statistic and its because learner drivers are going into their test not ready. What is the point? The cost of failing your driving test is around �200. Thats taking into account a new test, hiring the car on the day and remedial lessons, do you really want to fail?

Selly Oak Driving Lessons: A Summary.
On your first driving lesson we will give you a progress report and create a plan to help you pass your driving test. We will encourage you to take and pass your driving test quickly, and then to book your driving test. Before your driving test you will be driving unassisted and you will know you have the confidence and preparation needed to pass your driving test.

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So if you want to pass your driving test then an automatic is a great choice for you.
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