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Automatic Driving Lessons in Edgbaston

You won’t believe how close you are to actually passing your driving test and going around in your own car. Right now you are thinking about taking driving lessons, in fact you have probably been itching to drive for some time and MNM Automatic Driving School have everything you need to help you get your driving licence.

Learning to drive is brilliant and passing your driving test is a million times better but you want to pass your driving test first time. It will save you time and money, and you will be walking tall and proud.

This is the answer you are wanting to hear and understand. You may be surprised to learn its not just about learning how to drive safely, it is more than that and we will explain why.
When you are on your driving test the driving examiner wants to know that you are in control of the car, obeying the laws of the road, aware of your surroundings and safe!

What you need to do right from your very first lesson is put into practice what is required for the driving test and thats exactly what you will do with MNM Automatic Driving School.

On your first driving lesson you will go through a small procedure which you will replicate on every lesson, and you will also be given a progress report. This has details your ability and what you need to learn, its your passport to getting ready for the driving test.

Once you have completed the progress report form you will have evidence to know for fact you will pass your driving test, because your skills are recorded and it will give you the confidence to pass. Not only that but before you even go into the driving test we will have you driving like a full licence holder. You wont be making mistakes and you will be driving without the need of your driving instructor. Then you will go into your driving test knowing you have what it takes to pass.

We totally agree all driving schools look the same and it is very difficult for you to know which driving school to take. We also know that you don’t mind paying that little bit extra for quality as long as you are assured of quality. Thats why we buy nice clothes, trainers and phones when we can. So we have gone the extra mile to be different for you…

…Introducing the TRIPLE GUARANTEE

Our triple guarantee gives you everything you need to pass your driving test.
You have a money back guarantee so that in the case where you are not satisfied with the driving lesson you can have your money back.
You also have a Pass Promise. Once you have completed our learning to drive syllabus, if you do not pass first time we will cover the cost of your next driving lesson.
And finally, to show you we are totally committed to you are a customer, once you have passed your driving test for the next two years you can have free refresher lessons.

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if you want to pass your driving test then an automatic is a great choice for you
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