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It is difficult to tell the difference between most driving schools but there are some clues out there for you to pick up on, and you will soon see that an independent driving school is the safest choice to make when choosing your driving school to help you pass your driving test and get your driving licence.

What Is An Independent Driving School?
There are two types of driving school, an independent driving school and a national franchised driving school. The main difference between the two types of driving school from a learner driver perspective is price and qualifications.
A person who wants to train as a driving instructor can charge money and teach you to drive while still a trainee but they need to be under the guidance of another instructor in the same driving school so they join a franchise.

National franchises like RED, the AA, BSM, Bill Plant and Drive Dynamics also lease cars so it is very common for their driving instructors to be charged over £200 per week just for the car and business services. Therefore this could cause a higher price tag or encourage the driving instructor to work more hours and maybe work when their performance levels are not so strong as they could be.

Many independent driving instructors in Birmingham work by themselves or they could be involved in small franchises.

How Do People Qualify To Become A Driving Instructor?
To become a driving instructor you have to pass 3 examinations, but to legally be allowed to sell your services as a driving instructor you only need to pass the first 2 exams while in training for the third. However you cannot promote yourself and therefore need to join a franchise, this means if you are not choosing an independent driving instructor then you may have a non qualified driving instructor teaching you. We only use experienced DVSA instructors.

Are Independent Driving Instructors Better?
Although we would like to say yes, the answer cannot be either yes or no.

All driving instructors go through the same process to qualify, you just need to make sure who is fully qualified. However the driving instructor can take additional training to further the abilities and instructors are graded so there are difference there. But to say one is better than the other would not be professional or accurate to do so.

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